[Japan] Domremy dessert outlet at Ueno Shinobazu

Photo taken on 6th March, 2011.
Canon EOS300 film camera.


Domremy Dessert outlet (ドンレミーアウトレット店) at Ueno Shinobazu (上野不忍池)
Tokyo, Japan

Domremy dessert outlet in Ueno Shinobazu

Domremy dessert outlet in Ueno Shinobazu

Domremy dessert outlet store is a place where you can get a dessert or cake for 150-300 Yen.
Yes. I’m not joking! it’s that cheap!! The cakes are being sold for a much cheaper price here compared to the normal stores because some of cakes which are not so perfectly made but still have exactly the same taste are being sold at the “outlet”.

I’ve tried a few of their stuff, some are nice & some are just so so.. :p
A lot of them have whipped cream which I don’t really like.
I always take out the whipped cream. lol

Btw. their custard pudding (プリン)is only 50Yen!

If you’re not very fussy on the taste and just want your dessert fix!
Domremy dessert outlet is the place to check out when you’re in Tokyo.
They have a 4 outlets in Tokyo, located at Takasaki, Kita Senju, Ueno Shinobazu & Chiba.

If I’m in Ueno & wanna have some cakes, I’ll usually grab something from Domremy  &  a drink from the convenience store and head for Ueno park. Find a bench near Shinobazu pond and start people watching :)

Btw. Domremy Ueno Shinobazu branch is just opposite one of the park entrance.

You can have a look at what kind of cakes or desserts other people bought at Domremy dessert outlet over here >>


[Japan] Matsuya Beef bowl with Kimchi rice

Photo taken in 25th Feb 2011.
Canon EOS300 film camera.


松屋 混ぜるラー油キムチ牛飯並
Rice with pork, kimchi & chili oil


Matsuya butadon with kimchi & chili oil

It was a really budget trip when I was traveling around Japan last year. I set a daily budget for myself and followed it quite strictly. Sometimes I only ate one proper meal a day.

I remember I ate a lot of Matsuya Beef /Pork rice bowl because it’s cheap & filling. One of my favorites was their beef/pork rice bowl with kimchi and 食べるラー油 (taberu rayu) Btw. Taberu rayu is chili oil. I think Taberu rayu became a hit in Japan in 2010. It’s not a regular item on their menu so I’m not sure if they still offer it now.

Anyyway, Matsuya(松屋) is major Japanese chain restaurant serving 牛丼(gyūdon / beef bowl).
Yoshinoya & Sukiya are two other famous Gyudon chain restaurants but I prefer Matsuya coz’ I find their beef/pork less fatty & they serve free miso soup. I like Sukiya too for their 高菜明太マヨ牛丼(Gyudon with takana)


p/s: How’s your Monday? I’m having Monday blue and listening to this cute song “Clover – 어느 파도


[Japan] Tokyo Skytree

Photo taken with Kodak 4oo film.
Canon EOS300 camera.

Tokyo Skytree ( 東京スカイツリー)

Tokyo Skytree 2011,  東京スカイツリー

I took this photo of Tokyo Skytree (東京スカイツリー) from
my friend’s apartment in March 2011 before it’s completion.
More than 1 year passed, it has now been completed and opened to public on
22 May 2012 which was last week.

Tokyo Skytree is the tallest tower now beating China’s Canton Tower which stands 600 m (1,968.5 ft)
But the tallest manmade structure will still the Dubai’s Burj Khallifa which stands 829.84 m (2,723 ft)


Tokyo Skytree Official Website (English)

How to get there
And here’s on how to get there >

Opening Hours
8:00 to 22:00 (No closing days)

2000 yen (1st observatory)
3000 yen (1st & 2nd observatories)
A 500 yen service fee is charged for time specific advance reservations.

Japan guide page offers a clear guide on how to make ticket reservations 
It seems that advance reservations are mandatory through July 10, 2012.


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