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Yummy apom @ Burma Road, Penang

Posted in film photography, Food & Drinks, Malaysia by sleepwalkingintokyo on May 20, 2012

Photo taken on 3rd May, 2011.
Kodak 400 film. Canon EOS300 film camera.


Back log. These photos were taken in May 2011.
I know. I know. These are so old but I still want to share them.


Penang is one of my favorite places in Malaysia other than Melaka.
Lots of yummy food I love & this is one of it.

“Apom Chooi”, the famous “Apom/Apong” stall at Burma Road, Penang.

Apom, Apong at Burma road, Penang
Apom batter is being poured into the steel pan to be cooked…
then when it’s half cooked, banana slices & sweet corn are being topped.
Btw. The ingredients of the batter seems to be a mix of rice milk, coconut milk, egg, sugar & shredded coconut meat.

Apom, Apong at Burma road, Penang
Cover & let it cook until the bottom part turn brown.

Apom, Apong at Burma road, Penang
Then it’s being folded into half. And it’s done :) Yummy!

Apom, Apong at Burma road, Penang

*drooling looking at this photo*

This is a “must eat” snack if you’re visiting Penang!

1 piece is not enough. I can eat at least 5 pieces at one go.
Locals usually buy more than 10 pieces, sometimes 50 pieces!? the queue can be quite long.
The vendor, Uncle Chooi make it when there’s order so customer will get hot & fluffy apom!
Be prepared to wait for more than 20 minutes or even an hour sometimes (I’m not kidding)

When I was there, there were so many cars stopping to buy ;)


Apom Chooi 老字号
Located at Burma Road (near SJKC Union)
Open from 1:30pm – 8:00pm (Closed on Sundays)
Price : I think it’s around RM0.40 / piece


p/s: This is my 555th post. lol


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5 Responses

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  1. David said, on May 21, 2012 at 2:28 am

    Congratulations on 555! Now I need to eat.

  2. Alan P. said, on May 24, 2012 at 12:57 am

    is it like pancakes?

    • sleepwalkingintokyo said, on May 26, 2012 at 5:04 pm

      Hi. Alan. yes. it’s kinda like pancake but more fluffy and soft…Please visit Malaysia if you have a chance ;)

  3. [...] is my 666th post! My 555th post was in May 20, 2012 about the yummy apom pancake I ate in Penang. If I post more often I think I’ll be able to reach 777th post within this year [...]

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